A Guide for the Beautiful Island of Mauritius

There are many beautiful places in the world to 

visit and to live but one that tops the list is the island of Mauritius. It is also one that deserves much more recognition than what it may get. This site is dedicated to the island and the people who live here that have made it the amazing place that it is. For the convenience of those who are visiting this site topics have been placed into categories.

Interesting Facts About Mauritius

This section is a fun section that acts as an introduction to the island and is a good starting place to gain some basic knowledge about the island. It is useful for those who are thinking about visiting Mauritius. Also, the post on the history of the island will be useful to know about the island’s past.

Living in a Beach Paradise

For those who are not familiar with this island they may not realize that it has been dubbed as a paradise. The information in this section highlights some of the main points as to why this is so. The section has some good information for both those who want to visit here or perhaps are thinking of finding a place to live out their golden years.

Recent News

This is a collection of information that we consider as being newsworthy. Simply because it is an array of interesting points that visitors will find valuable if they are going to visit here.

This site is meant to serve the purpose of showing appreication for Mauritius as well as a guide for those who want to see what the island has to offer.