Benefits of Investing and Retiring in a Beach Paradise

Surely one of the greatest aspects about buying a beachfront property in an incredibly beautiful place like the island of Mauritius is the opportunity to indulge in all of the great leisure activities that are inherent to waterfront properties across the globe.


Boating, fishing and swimming right from your front yard has to be one the most awesome things about having a water front property no matter where you are located.


In addition to all the great leisure activities that can be found in the tropical paradise that this island truly is the fact remains that having security in the knowledge that this particular island is very stable both politically and financially. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for many places around the world that are similar in nature from an aesthetic point of view.

The Island–

Mauritius is a true democracy with free and fair elections held once every five years. The island is also quickly transitioning from a crop growing nation to one that is surging in the banking and I.T fields that is increasing the per capita income rapidly and dramatically.

With an excellent education system and boasting an 85% literacy rate the island is exceptionally well positioned for the future.

The Amenities

With amazing opportunities for shopping and dining all over the island a retiree will never have a problem finding somewhere good to eat or place to shop with friendly and courteous locals willing and able to help with any questions you may have while getting acclimated to the island lifestyle.

If you are looking for a true paradise that offers an incredible place to spend the golden years with little in the way of crime or political strife than you can find no better place than this wonderful island. It is an island with some amazing benefits and great opportunities for investment.