Education in Mauritius

One may think that because a region has been dubbed as a paradise that it would not be an area that offers good education. That is not the case when it comes to Mauritius. This island is considered by many visitors and residents as paradise. What makes it even more impressive is the education system here.

Types of Schools

Although this is an island and what some may not consider as being very big there are both public as well as private schools to be found here. Education is provided free by the Government for the pre-primary up through the tertiary levels. There are some excellent schools that meet the educational needs. Children must attend school up to the age of sixteen. The school systems are obviously doing their job. The students here are consistent in their world ranking for International O, A and AS examinations.

The System

The school system here is run the same as the British system, and falls into four main sections;

  • Pre-primary
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary

Vocational Training

Aside from the mainstream education, there is also an opportunity for vocational training. There are some students who do not fare well with the academics and vocational studies are more suited for them. It is a great alternative and no doubt helps to ward off failure for students who need alternatives.

Literacy Figures

The statistics show the literacy rate at 89.8% that includes both genders.

The government obviously sees the importance of maintaining the school system. Not only does this serve those who are already living here well, but it can be an enticement for those who may be thinking of moving here. Most often families have a primary concern for the education that will be available for their children. But it would seem there is no need for concern here.