Gambling On Mauritius

If you are going to visit this island and consider yourself a gambling enthusiast then you will be most pleased with the options that await you here for this form of entertainment.

Types of Gambling Options

The island is diversified with its offering of gambling choices. The gambling industry is regulated by the government who has put the rules and regulations in place for gambling activity such as;

  • Lotteries
  • Horse race betting
  • On land casinos

The gambling act for the island was created in 2007 and one of the rules state that those who wish to participate in gambling must be eighteen or older.

Online Options

The island also allows gaming operators to be licenced for online gambling. Both residents and visitors here can enjoy online gambling action like that which is offered through that can be easily accessed with an internet connection and any computer or mobile device.

On Land Casinos

Mauritius enjoys a strong tourism industry. To keep the island on par with other holiday destinations there are several casinos that have opened up here. They can be found in the city centres as well as many of the luxury hotels have their own casino offerings.

The type of gameplay that can be found at these casinos is diversified. It includes various types of gameplay as well as a good selection of table games. The hours of operation will vary and some may have a dress code. Although all of the casinos here like to compete with each other they vary in size. What is considered to be the largest is the Caudan Waterfront Casino which is found right in Port Louis.

Although the slots are a favourite of most it is found that the most popular table games are Roulette and Blackjack. Many of the casinos on the island here offer a version of Carribean Stud Poker called Oasis Poker.