Is Mauritius Home to a Lost Continent?

Some may think that there is no place on earth that yet has not been discovered, but when talk about a lost continent hits the news then it may cause one to think twice.

Discovery of Lost Continent

Some news pieces are reporting that scientists have found a lost continent in the Indian ocean and that it is situated under the island of Mauritius. Then other newspapers that there is just not enough evidence to support this yet.

The Quest for Lost Cities

The prospect of finding a lost continent such as this one being talked about under Mauritius is one that has stirred up a great deal of excitement. Scientists are always on the lookout for these based on history. Being as history has reported that continents have vanished. Perhaps the most exciting of all the searches that take place are the ones that revolve around what many claims is the lost city of Atlantis.

Stirring the Interest

What is leading scientists to believe that there may be a lost continent under Mauritius is a finding of a mere fleck of zircon that was found among the coral sands. There are scientists that do not believe that this is enough to even create the thought of a possibility of a lost continent.

The island of Mauritius was formed as the result of lava being spewed out by volcanoes in the region that took place over a period of 9 million years. But this zircon was not consistent with this lava. The scientists that have been delving into this further are of the impression that the lost continent is part of the super continent Gondwana.

The bottom line is that there is a need for a lot more investigation and a positive proof will have to be raised to support the claim of the lost continent.