Mauritius and the DoDo

There is no doubt that much of the habitat that roamed the world throughout history has become extinct. When the skeletons of these are found it creates a great deal of interest. This is what has happened with the Dodo Bird.

The Extinction of the Dodo

There never has been any arguments raised about the Dodo being a bird that was native to the island of Mauritius. They were discovered on this island in 1958but were soon wiped out after just a few decades of their discovery. It is believed that this was a result of the Dodo being such an easy catch and used for food. Also, as the island became inhabited predators of the Dodo were brought along with them. Animals such as dogs and cats as well as monkeys and rats were soon able to wipe the Dodo from the island. The government is proud to keep the memory of the Dodo alive as part of the island’s heritage.

The Discovery of Remains

A number of remains have been discovered in Mauritius. This has allowed for the skeletal remains to be collected to the point where an almost complete skeleton is now being auctioned off. It was believed that the sale was going to reach six figures and when the sale was completed it sold for $431,000.

The completion of this skeleton was made possible by a collector purchasing bones of the Dodo as they became available. This transpired over a period of forty years until at last there were enough to complete most of a skeleton. All that was missing was a section of the skull and a set of claws.

Such a Pity

It is true that many would say they are quite happy that some of the animals that once existed are no longer around, but most would say this is not the case with the Dodo.