Fun facts for Kids about Mauritius

Those who want to travel to a tropical location that is off the beaten path simply cannot go wrong with the island nation of Mauritius.

Located in the Indian Ocean about 500 miles off the coast of Madagascar this lush island has something for everyone including the kids in your entourage.

The National Bird

Some fun facts that the kids will love to know include that the famed Dodo Bird is the island’s national bird. This now extinct bird was found ONLY on this island but was unfortunately decimated by travellers who would not only hunt the live birds but also feasted on their eggs resulting in their demise.

Fascinating Facts for the Kids

An awesome attraction for the kids to see is the Giant Tortoises at the Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens, where you can see the ancient giants alongside the beautiful and lush flowers of the island along with the giant waterlilies that are quite a sight.

Another fascinating place to take the children is the Chameral Plans where you can climb the volcanic rock and see the wonder that is the “Seven Colored Earths” where formations of sand in seven very distinct colours can be seen and explored.

For the more energetic and adventurous in your group, the opportunity to actually hike up the side of a volcanic mountain on the south side of the island at La Morne Brabant is always an option. Considering that the entire island is only 28 miles wide and 40 miles long you do not have to fret about travelling for hours and hours between attractions either.

Many kids are often quite taken back by the fact that the Capital of the island which is Port Louis only has a population of 150,000 residents. Most children come from places that are much more densly populated.