Need to Know Facts About Mauritius

When people are deciding on where to head for a tropical vacation, they often consider the usual suspects like the Bahamas or Fiji or somewhere else where the sunshine is hot and the drinks are cold. One place that seldom gets the attention it deserves is the beautiful island of Mauritius.

The Location

Located in the Indian Ocean and approximately 500 miles from the incredible island of Madagascar, this island is world renowned for its lush greenery as well as its absolutely gorgeous white sand beaches.The main island is neighboured by another island, named Rodriguez, and a couple of smaller outer islands named Agalega and St.Brandon as well as a few much smaller islands.The island is home to many stunning beaches, including the wonderfully named Flic en Flac, Tamarin and Blue Bay, to list but a few.

Sugar Plantations

Sugar plantations are a staple on the main island, that is only 28 miles wide and no more than 40 miles long. Sugercane is the main source of income besides tourism, and makes up about 15% of the export industry on the island nation, with tea, corn, bananas, beans, potatos and seafood rounding out the mix.

Misc. Facts

The capital, Port Louis, was established by the French East India Company in 1736 and today the main cultural influences are Indian, African, British, French and Chinese.

Mauritius is a democratic country and holds free and fair elections once every five years.

The main language spoken on the island is Mauritian Creole, but many of the islands resort workers and officials also speak some English, making it easy for tourists to communicate without problems.

While the cuisine on the island is the result of an eclectic mix of Indian, British, French and Asian influences, seafood is a huge staple and all cultural inputs make for some exceptional food experiences.