Great Reasons for Investing in Mauritius

Many savvy investors are constantly on the hunt for exceptional opportunities to invest in growing segments that offer excellent growth potential with the least amount of risk possible.

Investing domestically can, of course, be advantageous but it is similar to putting all your eggs in one basket.

A Positive Investment

Trying to find offshore investments can be extremely frustrating especially in these uncertain political times when nothing and no one seems to be safe from the strife and upheaval going on around the globe.

With China and the US entering into what looks to be a full-fledged trade war, the picture looks bleaker than it has in decades.

That is why taking a long hard look at investing in Mauritius could be very, very good for your bottom line.

What the Island offers

A Island nation found in the Indian Ocean about halfway between Africa and Asia, this island is primed for a breakout that few have experienced before.

Exceptionally politically stable, with free and fair elections held every five years, the country was initially propped up by its sugarcane industry, but has made very strong and successful efforts to transition to a service economy, with banking and IT Services perched to become the core of its business model.

The island enjoys a per capita income in excess of $10,000 U.S dollars, which is practically unheard of in similar island nations in the region.

The locals are exceptionally well educated, with a literacy rate of about 85%, which rivals many western nations.

Banking System

The banking system has grown exponentially in the past few years from 2 local banks to over 20, including a Stock Exchange and a Derivatives Market, and is poised to become an incredibly strong player on the international banking scene.

These are all solid reasons for investing in this island.