How to invest in Mauritius?

With all of the political and financial upheaval underway in the Western world at this point in history, it behoves any savvy investor to seek out new opportunities that may be somewhat insulated from the fallout of the trade war currently underway between the US and China, and to a large degree Canada and the EU as well.

The Growth of Mauritius

Looking around the globe for excellent investments invariably leads one to Mauritius.

A politically stable island between Africa and Asia, this island nation has experienced rapid economic growth in the past few years, boasting a Stock Market that has returned over 54% over the past five years with its 38 listed stocks.

Brokerage Account

It is pretty simple to open a Mauritius Brokerage Account, requiring only a minimal amount of paperwork to get you up and running.

The fees are exceptionally competitive and are in fact by and large lower than in other African nations.

Once you have decided to invest in this paradise, you can get a brokerage account by contacting the Central Depository and Settlement Company, who will quickly and efficiently process your paperwork and get you up and trading in no time at all.

Other Investment Opportunities

If the stock market is not your thing, there are many other investment opportunities in Mauritius.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can come to this paradise and find a suitable business to run, and the local Government will assist you and help in any way possible.

The island is transitioning from a crop growing country to a serious player in the banking and IT realms, with many possibilities for investment becoming more and more evident every day.

The country is politically stable, holding elections every five years, and has a very well educated population enjoying a 85% literacy rate that far exceeds even some western nations.