What Makes Mauritius a Paradise for Visitors?

The word “paradise” is defined in the dictionary this way: “An ideal or idyllic place or state”

While this is obviously subjective as many people will define paradise differently depending on what their specific definitions of idyllic or ideal really are.

There will always be those who think that paradise is where they live whether the weather is warm or cold but for many of us a true paradise is one where the weather is tropical and the beaches are beautiful and the drinks are cold.

The Environment

The island nation of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean is by anybody’s definition a true paradise.

This island is filled with a bevvy of incredible white sand beaches, lush tropical plants are abundant and you can find something exciting to do no matter what demographic you find yourself in.

You can chill beside one of the awesome beaches or you can swim with the dolphins in their natural habitat or you can hike up one of the many volcanic mountains or even head to the botanical gardens and see ancient giant tortoises roaming about.

Paradise by Night

A thriving nightlife in the capital of Port Louis will keep the action going well after the sun has gone down with all of the major attractions of any well-heeled resort community.

A Shopping Paradise

Outstanding shopping opportunities abound in both the stores on the main drag and in the smaller local community markets that are found all over the island.

Measuring only 28 x 40 miles you can explore the entire island in just a few days if you like to set out and discover things for yourself.

Politically stable and an exceptionally low crime rate coupled with the beaches and weather that is absolutely amazing year round and it is no wonder that Mark Twain himself declared that this spectacular island was “copied by Heaven”