Mauritius Selling Citizenship

There are many wonderful places throughout the world that offer their citizens endless benefits and things to enjoy and be thankful for. One of these that is often overlooked is these is the island of Mauritius. But the challenge comes with enticing foreigners to consider moving.

Buying a Citizenship

In many regions, one of the biggest challenges foreigners face is being able to qualify for a citizenship. Mauritius is capitalizing on this by being innovative with its citizenship. Instead of having gruelling regulations to meet to become a citizen here, one just needs to have money.

The island is offering foreigners the chance to buy a citizenship here for the price of $1. Million dollars. This is made by way of a non-refundable contribution to the wealth fund run by the national sovereign. Foreigners that opt for this will want to check out what government services may be available to them as well.

The Opposition

Although this has been a decision made by the government of Mauritius, there are many politicians within the government that are opposed to this. They don’t believe that citizenship is a product that can be merely sold. The argument given back is that those buying this citizenship will have to meet the stringent criteria that will be put in place for it.

Buying a Passport

For those just interested in obtaining a passport for Mauritius will also have the option to purchase one. The cost for this will be $500,000 with these proceeds going to the Sovereign fund. Those who wish to buy a passport for their family members will have to pay $50,000. For each one.

It certainly is a new approach that is being taken by the Mauritius government, but it may have some merit to it. It would help to ease the concerns of those who want to move here regarding obtaining a citizenship.