Property Investment in Mauritius

It is not uncommon for people to visit Mauritius and decide shortly afterwards that they want to invest in property here. They immediately recognize all of the great attributes that this island possesses, and they want to be part of it.

Property Investment Schemes

The island has a thriving economy, supported by some well established banks that are committed to encouraging investments. Some property investment schemes have been developed specifically to encourage foreign investment,

Buying Luxury Villas

To encourage investment this scheme allows foreign investors to purchase villas up to 1.25 acres. The minimum selling price is $500,000 for each unit. Those who make this investment then qualify for a residency status. This has become so popular that in 2016 local banks recorded a 41% increase in this kind of investment.

Good for the Economy

Not only is this a great investment opportunity for investors, it also bodes well for the economy. Land owners have the option to build mid-sized dwellings that may appeal to foreign investors.

Investment Made Easier

The Mauritius government is all about simplifying things, investments included. An updated scheme was developed in 2016, called the Property Development Scheme. This means investors only need to get authorization from the BOI to purchase residential property. They don’t have to be registered as foreign investors. Also, there are no price restrictions.

Invest Hotel Scheme

This is another program for investors looking for an investment that comes between real estate development and hotel property.

Mauritius is definitely becoming a hot spot for foreign investors. Applicable both to those who want to move here and those who want to invest for business purposes. Aside from its natural beauty and the island being an amazing and thriving tourist attraction, there are many other attributes this island has that are favourable to investors. Investments can always be a risk, but it would seem these have been reduced to a minimum in Mauritius.