The Independence of Mauritius

Everyone loves a success story and that is what can be said about Mauritius. Port Louis recently celebrated its 50 years of independence and they deserved the opportunity to do so.

The Island

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius which is a beautiful island found in the Indian Ocean. It has become a most popular place for tourists as well as for people that want a place to live that can be called paradise. It got its independence in 1968.

The Country Comes First

One of the reasons this island has become so successful at becoming independent is because government and residents alike adopted the concept that the country comes first. Mauritius has passed through many hands before its independence. Originally it was a Dutch colony then became a French one and then was taken over by the British where it remained a British colony until 1968.

The People

The island is made up of a collection of multi-culture. The main religion practised is Hinduism, and the main language is English.

The Government

The government here is one of democracy with a presidential election taking place every five years. It is the only country within Africa that is considered to be a full democracy. The island has built strong relations with other countries and has become an important trading partner.

The Economy

It is classed as a middle-income economy that is diversified. Their focus is on tourism as well as the production of textiles, sugar and the offering of financial services. In addition to this as the island has grown many other industries have risen in importance such as;

  • Healthcare
  • Property Development
  • Renewable energy

The Strengths

All of these attributes lend to the strength of the island. The natural terrain and beautiful environment has caused this region to be referred to as a paradise.